08:30-09:30 | 3 FEBRUARY, 2023

If you've never had to visit the Master of the High Court, count yourself lucky! For most of us, assisting client with diseased estate management has included trips to this office of the High Court, and it can be a task that is burdened with overwhelming administration and other considerations.

For our next Breakfast with SAIFAA, we have a special offer to present to all of our members - we hope you will join us to find out more!

PANELISTS: Johann Kruger with Jan Jordaan and Salochana Packery

TOPIC: Diseased Estate Management at the various Masters Offices around SA

What really sets them apart from "the big guys" is the personal interaction when working with us as IFAs, rather than in their own corporate silo, which often adds extra administrative frustrations. They are a law firm based in Benoni, and believe in upholding the highest level of honesty, ethics, values, and transparency. Jan L Jordaan Attorneys act visibly, predictably, and understandably, without hidden agendas and conditions, to promote participation, cooperation, and accountability.

Our kind of people.



These one-hour networking events will allow us to keep in touch with each other and hear from a new keynote speaker each month. We have always believed that we are stronger when we stand together, just like the water buffalo. As our world has changed in the last 18 months, we believe that these events will form a strong foundation for our community going forward.

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