Have you ever done a due diligence assessment of your adviser? Most of us don't know that we CAN even do this... let alone HOW we would do this...

These ultimate client-agenda questions have been designed to provide you (the client) and your appointed Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) with an opportunity to provide a comprehensive range of suitable contractual answers and solutions that will engender the building of a long term financial advisory and guidance relationship!

Effectively, empowering you to do a due-diligence assessment of your adviser.

Our ultimate goal is to promote the value of independent financial advice in a modern financial services market. We believe that IFAs play a crucial role in delivering this advice.


  1. How can I be sure that you will put me and my family’s best interests first and how do I know you are the right adviser for me?
  2. Do you have the relevant experience and knowledge to deal with our specific situation?
  3. What is your appropriate experience and your suitable qualifications as a financial adviser? (CFP®, CPRP®degrees etc)
  4. What ongoing educational and updating processes do you partake in annually to ensure that your advice and guidance is appropriate?
  5. Are you registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority for the services offered to me and my family?
  6. Do you belong to a relevant industry body that indicates a certain competency level?
  7. What is the full range of services you and your practice provide?
  8. Do you represent a wide range of insurance companies’ products and a variety of investment houses, which ones and why?
  9. How will our relationship work, how often will we meet, and will this be based on a written agreement?
  10. How do you get paid?
  11. Who is your employer?
  12. Do you or your practice have any direct or indirect interests in any third-party administrators or financial services providers, and would this create conflicts of interest?
  13. What are the all-in costs of products and services, including and excluding advisory fees?
  14. To what degree and how often do you conduct a due diligence of the products, services and companies that you recommend?
  15. What happens to our investments and services when you retire or sell your business?
  16. Can I obtain references from two other happy clients?
  17. Have you been sued or have any reported legal actions against you or your practice, and what recourse do we have if something goes wrong?
  18. What is your investment philosophy? (What are your views on investments, what fund asset allocation will you use and what investment benchmarks do you use? How is your advice process aligned with the investment solution you propose?)
  19. Who are your compliance companies/service providers and are they independent from your practice?
  20. Do you subscribe to the Treating Clients Fairly principles?
  21. How would you answer the following: “Is your client’s money your client or is the client your client?” (i.e. the SAIFAA CPRP® Program etc)

SAIFAA will during May 2020 have available a detailed explanation and the reasons why each of these 21 ultimate client-agenda ‘due diligence’ questions need to be asked.

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