Have you ever done a due diligence assessment of your adviser? Most of us don't know that we CAN even do this... let alone HOW we would do this...

These 21 ultimate client-agenda ‘due diligence’ questions have been designed to provide clients and their appointed Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) with an opportunity to review a comprehensive range of suitable contractual answers and solutions that will engender the building of a long term financial advisory and guidance relationship!

Effectively, empowering you to do a due-diligence assessment of your adviser.

Our ultimate goal is to promote the value of independent financial advice in a modern financial services market. We believe that IFAs play a crucial role in delivering this advice and helping the public ask better questions will ultimately lead to greater accountability, increased value and deeper fulfillment for everyone.

Clicking on the image will download the full comprehensive PDF, otherwise you can scroll down for an overview of the 21 questions.


With commentary by SAIFAA founder, Derek Smorenburg.

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