08:30-09:30 | 3 NOVEMBER, 2023

As we grow our IFA practices, we're constantly reminded that the role of an independent financial advisor is not just limited to offering financial advice. One of the many additional value-adds that we offer is the process is ensuring tax efficiency for our clients.

Accountuit introduces a paradigm shift in how tax services can be integrated seamlessly into your advisory model.

Have you ever pondered:

  • How you might extend your service offerings to include personalised tax solutions?
  • Can month-to-month tax engagement be more beneficial than the traditional annual model?
  • What would it mean to have the assurance of correctly structured tax savings for your clients?
  • How about enhancing your business value proposition with a tax subscription add-on?
  • What if you no longer needed to refer your clients to a third-party accountant and could instead offer tax services in-house?

Join us for the 3rd of November meeting to see how you can have a tax practitioner in your back office!

PANEL: James from Accountuit, accompanied by select representatives from SAIFAA
TOPIC: Seamless Integration of Personal Tax Services into the Financial Advisory Framework

Accountuit is more than just a tax service. It's a game-changing approach to personal income tax, aimed at bringing a virtual tax practitioner right into a planner’s office. Their mission aligns with ours - enhancing the advisor's capability to provide an all-inclusive, independent financial service.

Insights to be shared will include:

  • The innovative Personal Income Tax Subscription Service
  • Bridging the gap between the financial advisor and the tax practitioner
  • The pitfalls of third-party accountants and ensuring tax structuring is done right
  • How this model enriches the holistic nature of a financial plan
  • Exclusive benefits for SAIFAA members including special discounts

REMEMBER: Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held immediately after the BwS session.

Register today to secure your place.

JOIN OUR PANEL: How have you approached tax advice in your practice, please let us know - we're inviting members to be a part of our intro panel.


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