08:30-09:30 | 2 FEBRUARY, 2024

Happy New Year!

As we embark on the exciting journey that 2024 promises to be, we hope this year unfolds with great success and purpose for us all.

In our last Breakfast with SAIFAA session, we delved into some crucial conversations, one of which was around BBBEE. However, we realized that this topic demands more time and depth than what we could afford in just one session. Therefore, we're dedicating our next BwS, scheduled for the first Friday in February (2nd), to continue this vital discussion.

Over the years, we've learned to manage BBBEE expectations effectively. It's not about overcoming challenges; it's about understanding, adapting, and finding ways to work within this framework for the betterment of all involved. In anticipation of this session, we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Please share your insights with us by clicking on this survey link.

Your feedback is invaluable and will help shape our conversation, ensuring we cover the most relevant and pressing aspects of BBBEE as it pertains to our profession.

This session is not about experts lecturing but rather a platform for all of us to share, learn, and shape our collective future. Your insights are invaluable, and this panel is poised to spark a vibrant, member-driven dialogue.

Are you ready to be a part of this engaging conversation? Click here for the survey, and make your voice heard.

JOIN OUR PANEL: Have you joined our panel before - we're inviting members to share their experiences and help us expand the IFA voice in South Africa.


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