In October 2020, on the 15th and 22nd, we will be hosting two FREE TO ATTEND webinars for Independent Employee Benefit Consultants (IEBCs). Nearly 80% of employers find it difficult to choose the best employee benefit funds for their businesses*. The commercial umbrella fund market has spun the industry for a loop, with the rapid transition of the smaller funds into the market, coupled with the convenience and affordablilty of these structures - it's been hard for clients to keep up.

Our mission is to be a key voice of the Independent Adviser in South Africa. These webinars form part of our strategy to develop a sustainable independent advice industry that is relevant to the divergent needs of investors in our country and will strive to ensure that our members act in a professional manner at all times, with due care for the interests of the investing public.

The need for IEBCs is greater than ever, but more so, the need for high quality guidance is tremendous and a vast scope of opportunity to add value to our clients is ready for those who can see it and are willing to upskill themselves and equip their practices with the right tools and knowledge.

IEBCs will need to:

  • be correctly positioned to move their clients towards better outcomes
  • understand, unpack and compare all costs
  • communicate exceptionally well
  • provide independent advice

If you want to position yourself and your practice to achieve great things for your clients in the next decade, then these two webinars are a must!

* 2016 Sanlam Benchmark Survey

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