AUG 2023 – Breakfast with SAIFAA


08:30-09:30 | 4 AUGUST, 2023

Are you ready to harness the power of data-driven insights for the growth of your business?

Are you prepared to investigate and navigate the opportunities in your practice in a data-driven world?

On August 4th, join us for our next breakfast networking event where Liana Ahrens Teixeira, MSc, CFP®, Member of IIBA®, will illuminate the importance of business data analysis and strategy planning in today's business landscape.

So, how does this affect you and your practice? How can this help you attract more clients and keep current clients?

PANEL: Liana Ahrens Teixeira  & Johann Krüger
TOPIC: Harnessing the Power of Data: Insights and Strategies

Liana Ahrens Teixeira will guide us through the key steps involved in this critical process:

  1. How to assess the current state of your practice.
  2. Who are the key stakeholders and how to prioritize them.
  3. How to clearly define objectives and goals.
  4. What does a SWOT analysis entail and how to perform it.
  5. The importance of market research and segmentation.
  6. Data collection, cleaning, and preparation.
  7. Data analysis techniques for insightful decision-making.
  8. How to formulate strategic initiatives based on data.
  9. The implementation, monitoring, and performance measurement process.
  10. The significance of continuous improvement in a changing environment.

We would love to hear any questions you may have about working with data in your business.

Please feel free to submit your queries and we will aim to address them in our session.



These one-hour networking events will allow us to keep in touch with each other and hear from a new keynote speaker each month. We have always believed that we are stronger when we stand together, just like the water buffalo. As our world has changed in the last 18 months, we believe that these events will form a strong foundation for our community going forward.

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