08:30-09:30 | 1 April, 2022

How are you charging your clients? We've organised a super panel of IFAs who have different business models for charging their clients upfront fees.

Some of our SAIFAA members and their colleagues are successfully running fee-based, lifestyle financial planning practices. We've asked them to come and share some of the journey with us!

PANEL: Jason Nicol - Mary J Fourie - Bryan Nicol - Marc Sydow
TOPIC: The journey to charging differently for your value proposition

When it comes to Lifestyle Financial Planning, Brian Foster from The Financial Caddie has always maintained that it's more about a business model change than a regulation change. This sits at the forefront of the fee-based journey: it's a decision that we as business owners get to make, it's not something that the regulators make for us.

So much of our profession is regulated. It can cause us to sit back and wait for others to make changes and miss opportunities in our own businesses. Each planner on the panel (all have worked with Foster at some point) has already been through this decision process to take control of their own value proposition and make changes that benefit their own lifestyles, and the lifestyles of their clients.

Jason will guide the panel through a high-level discussion of what this looks like, but please come prepared with some of your own questions or suggestions!



These one-hour networking events will allow us to keep in touch with each other and hear from a new keynote speaker each month. We have always believed that we are stronger when we stand together, just like the water buffalo. As our world has changed in the last 18 months, we believe that these events will form a strong foundation for our community going forward.

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