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The SAIFAA ‘Post-Retirement Planning Course’ (PRPC) – 2018/19 Program Objectives


One of the stark realities of financial planning is the fact that “internationally” the financial advisory community has been largely focused on the “accumulation” of assets and thereby retirement capital referred to as the “accumulation phase” and that not enough planning and time is allocated to the vital need to manage the “de-accumulation” phase.

Many countries are faced with an aging population compounded by factors such as; a) longer life expectancy, b) portions of the population known as “baby boomers” of whom the majority have not built-up sufficient retirement capital, c) inadequate social security systems, d) inadequate planning for the impact of healthcare realities such as dementia etc and the need for Frail Care and e) the comprehensive management of retirement capital until the last surviving “annuitant” spouse dies.

During September 2018 SAIFAA facilitated a series of One Day PRPC “Introductory Workshops” that focused a special SA & World First “SAIFAA Post-Retirement Planning Course and a Certification Program” (2018/2019) that will equip our members on how to Advise and Guide Clients, Spouses and Families on the “Psychology of the Journey Towards and into Retirement Program”.

The List of 71 of our current SAIFAA Members who have taken the ‘First Step’ towards completing their PRPC Program plus the 30 Members who will during 2019 start their PRPC Program will appear on our SAIFAA website: https://saifaa.co.za/ (this list incorporates their names, Practice Region/Suburb, Year Joined the Financial Services Industry, CFP Status and Qualifications).

We will facilitate the running of the 2019 PRPC Workshops on dates, times and venues in CT, JHBG & KZN to be advised.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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